Hack an app @FHNW

Checking out computer science at the University of Applied Science

Dive into the exciting and varied world of computer science! For the second time the IT projectweek ‘hack an app’ will be held at the FHNW School of Engineering campus in Brugg-Windisch. Students aged 12-14 from the region as well as children of FHNW employees will have the opportunity to spend four days developing an app (iPhone and Android). They will be supported by computer science lecturers from FHNW and IT experts from ti&m.

IT is more than just numbers and algorithms: Developing an app requires project leaders, conceptual work, user interface design as well as the actual programming. Together with your peers you will work on individual solutions for an interactive and mobile quiz app for smartphone, tablet, and PC. Develop, design, and program your own app – in just four days. 

Experience computer science at the University of Applied Science
Hacking will start on the very first day, in the rooms of the FHNW School of Engineering, right in the middle of normal classes. This allows an exciting insight into the FHNW computer science course degree program iCompetence. And the existing hack an app project weeks will gain an outstanding new addition: female role models who will help establish a new and modern image of computer science.

Following this course, you will be familiar with the basic functions of mobile apps and the associated server platforms. You will receive an introduction into web technologies and an overview of the many aspects of project and product management, from design right through to the actual development. Participation is free.

Course dates:
October 5 - 8, 2015 – FHNW School of Engineering campus in Brugg-Windisch

Interested? To register for the project week send an email directly to
Clelia Bieler. clelia.bieler(at)fhnw.ch

Clelia Bieler
FHNW School of Engineering
+41 (0) 56 202 81 75